SonSet Solutions staff members serve the Lord in many ways and are supported by various missionary organizations and agencies. You can join us in ministry by supporting one of our staff members below, or click here to see how you could work with us.

Short-Term Volunteers

Name Area of Ministry
Grant Mathias Engineering and Development Give
Erin Trantham Engineering and Development Give
Nathan Wilson Engineering and Development Give

Regular Staff

Name Area of Ministry Support Agency
Leon and Anne Amstutz Broadcast Services SonSet Solutions Give
Dan and Barbara Anderson Engineering, IT, Social Media SonSet Solutions Give
John and Jean Anderson IT, Chaplaincy, Donations, Community Health SonSet Solutions Give
Mike and Faith Axman Broadcast transmitters, SonSet Radio Reach Beyond Give
Curt and Marla Bender Mission Leadership, Personnel, Communications SonSet Solutions Give
Jeff and Jackie Benedict Community Development SonSet Solutions Give
Mark and Helen Braun Engineering, Communications Volunteer Give
Greg Donner Technical Services SonSet Solutions Give
Jonathan and Susan Fiet Accounting and Management SonSet Solutions Give
Alan and Sarah Good Broadcast Services, SonSet Radio SonSet Solutions Give
Cody and Emily Hall Community Development, Accounting SonSet Solutions Give
Wayne Huhta Antenna Fabrication Reach Beyond Give
Jim and Shirley Ice Machine Shop Volunteer Give
Charles and Jeanie Jacobson Engineering, Administration Reach Beyond Give
Jack and Alysia Kinney Radio Station Support SonSet Solutions Give
Velma Lechlitner Reception Volunteer Give
Tim and Beth Mason IT, Community Development SonSet Solutions Give
Kevin and Anne Mayer Broadcast Services, SonSet Radio SonSet Solutions Give
Larry and Virginia McGuire High-power Radio TWR Give
Ted and Jean Miller Radio station support, Accounting SonSet Solutions Give
Gary and Annabelle Nisen Parts Assembly, Facilities Volunteer Give
David and Katie Palmer Community Development SonSet Solutions Give
Stephen and Monique Peacock Community Development, Accounting SonSet Solutions Give
John and Linda Rozema Engineering Volunteer Give
David and Giselle Russell Mission Leadership SonSet Solutions Give
Tom and Candice Scatliff Engineering, Community Health Global Outreach Mission Give
Harold and Joan Shira Engineering and Development Volunteer Give
Paul and Erica Simone Human Resources SonSet Solutions Give
Dale and Joyce Sommers Machine Shop Volunteer Give
Bob and Jan Springer Radio Station Support, Accounting FEBC Give
Roger Stackhouse Accounting Volunteer Give
Lois Taggart Broadcast Services Reach Beyond Give
Mike Tapia Engineering and Development SonSet Solutions Give
Doug and Ruth Weber Media SonSet Solutions Give
Rich West Facilities, Construction TWR Give
Allan and Mary Jane Weise Representation Volunteer Give
Kathy Witkowski Administration SonSet Solutions Give
Tim and Becky Yazel Ministry Partnerships Representation SonSet Solutions Give
Hank and Karen Zeck Shortwave Production Reach Beyond Give
Tim and Renee Zook Radio Station Support, Hospitality SonSet Solutions Give