Aaron Krohnfeldt


Aaron Krohnfeldt is completing his third year studying mechanical engineering in a 3+2 program at University of Northwestern — St. Paul and University of Minnesota — Twin Cities. Aaron first learned of SonSet Solutions from a SonSet Solutions representative recruiting at University of Northwestern: “I am very interested in the unique harmony of mission work and engineering. I would like to see first-hand the technologies provided by SonSet Solutions, and I would like to continue discerning whether God would like me to commit my life to this kind of work.” Aaron will be responsible for the mechanical design and fabrication of the Equipment Power Protection system, a device that helps to protect radio station equipment from dangerous electric power anomalies.

Aaron’s testimony: “I was saved sometime in elementary school. I remember the first time I shared my faith, it was with my best friend in fourth grade; I brought him to a kids group at my church and shared my faith with him, though I couldn’t articulate it very well back then. I experienced a couple of weeks of significant doubt in Christmas break of 2014. This time led me to search for answers, mainly whether God existed or not, and if so, if He was the God of the Bible. I spent all of my time in those weeks listening to seminars of Christian apologists and reading books by Christian authors. I was eventually intellectually assured that the God of the Bible did indeed exist, but I soon discovered that is not the same as knowing and loving Him.”

Aaron’s ministry.