Amelia Walker

Amelia Walker is completing her junior year studying electrical engineering at Cedarville University. Amelia first learned about SonSet Solutions through the Cedarville University Career Fair and was encouraged to apply by a previous SonSet Solutions intern: “Since beginning my pursuit of an Electrical Engineering degree, I have hoped I could build something meaningful, and ideally, something to further Christ’s Kingdom. This will be a great opportunity for me to see my potential as a Christian engineer and I expect that I would grow both spiritually and professionally.” Amelia will be responsible for further development of the microprocessors and electronics in the Equipment Power Protection device, equipment that protects radio station equipment from dangerous electric power anomalies.

Amelia’s testimony: “I was born in a Christian home and attended a Christian school throughout elementary and high school. As I grew older, I was often struck with anxiety because I couldn’t remember getting saved and I was unsure if I had done it correctly.  I found myself asking God to save me time and time again. I had little trust in God’s grace and far too much hope resting on my own actions.  At church during communion when I was about 11 years old, I was praying and I realized that in doubting that God had saved me, I was doubting in who God was and the validity of His promises.  I then understood I could fully rely on God and had no reason to be afraid.  My assurance of salvation rests in the Scriptures, namely Romans 10:9 and Romans 5:9-11.”

Amelia’s ministry.