Brayden Klassen


Brayden Klassen comes to us from Austin, Manitoba in central Canada. His interest in video production has motivated him to start River Tree Media. His desire to make a contribution to God’s Kingdom through film is what motivated him to apply for an internship with SonSet Solutions. Brayden will be working with Nikkel Media Works on the production of content for our media display in the lobby of SonSet Solutions as well as compiling and producing short partner testimonies which will be used on our web page and social media outlets.

Brayden’s testimony: “At about age 4-5, I accepted Jesus as my savior. There have been times that I doubted if I really meant it, but now I know that I did, and still do. Looking back, I can see how God has guided me over the years and I rely on Him to do the same in the future.”

Brayden’s ministry.