Caleb Davidson

Caleb Davidson is completing his sophomore year studying electrical engineering at Iowa State University. Caleb learned about SonSet Solutions through another ministry while attending the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Urbana ’15 Missions Conference. Caleb will be working on the Solar Lamp Pole design. He will also investigate different charger and Wi-Fi hotspot configurations. The Solar Lamp Pole provides lighting in a village at night and charges mobile devices during the daytime.

Caleb’s testimony: “I believe that my faith journey truly started when, at the beginning of high school, I made the conscious decision to follow Christ.  I remember more specifically one night at a camp called Timberlake, where we as a youth group went, in which I was completely alone, and felt completely broken by God where I was called to start surrendering up my life to Him.   This was a start to a long journey of falling, stumbling, and breaking down only to be brought back up with Him.”

Caleb’s ministry.