Cody & Emily Hall

Cody and Emily met in 2013 while Cody was a summer intern at the HCJB Global Technology Center in Elkhart, Indiana. They remained friends for a few years while attending and serving in the same church. When the Technology Center became an independent ministry in 2015, Cody became SonSet Solutions’ first missionary appointee. After Cody returned to Elkhart from building his missionary support team, Cody and Emily began dating and were married in May of 2017.

Cody studied mechanical engineering at Cedarville University and uses those skills as part of the Broadcast Services Department, specifically in the Community Development and Clean Water initiatives. Cody works with ministry partners to design, test, and produce technology-based solutions including satellite-based water system monitors, water level sensors, and hand-pump monitors. Emily works part time in our Accounting Department.

Cody and Emily’s ministry.

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