Cole Grace

Cole Grace joined SonSet Solutions in 2014 with the goal of evangelizing and serving the least reached peoples in the world through partnerships with organizations, prayer and financial supporters.

The importance of participating in the Great Commission was impressed on Cole and his wife, Ruthann, early in their Christian walks – which led to cross cultural service in Liberia, West Africa; evangelism, discipleship and missionary care in India; and serving the local church in Duluth, Minnesota.

Cole’s engineering background includes an FCC Advanced amateur radio license, FCC General Radio-Telephone license, membership in the Society of Broadcast Engineers, creating a technology-related business start-up and building one of the first successful U.S. satellite uplink facilities using store-forwarding technology. Before joining SonSet Solutions he oversaw technical operations for a PBS television facility in Minnesota.

Cole and Ruthann have been married 36 years. They have two daughters and two grandchildren. Ruthann continues to work in Duluth while Cole serves from both Minnesota and Indiana. They value your prayers as they see God using SonSet Solutions to bring His life-giving message both here and ‘there.’

Cole’s ministry.