Daniel Willingmyre

Daniel Willingmyre is completing his sophomore year studying electronic media at Kutztown University. Daniel is confident that his “experience producing videos can help motivate others to see what is right in the Lord’s eyes and work together with other interns to help educate those who either don’t know about Christ or want to know more about him.” . Daniel will be traveling with a SonSet Solutions’ team to Radio Evangile Développement (RED) in Burkina Faso to study the impact of the Internet and produce a video about the challenges facing RED in reaching an increasingly mobile media savvy generation with the gospel.

Daniel has “always had a desire to help others who need it, whether it is helping a friend get through hard times or helping others in my community.” Daniel “experienced an amazing journey over the summer, from wanting to join a frat and party the rest of my college career, to giving that all up for Jesus. Since then, I have become involved on campus with a Christian fellowship, have made an effort to make friends who care about me and my faith, and I have joined two Bible studies and a local church in town called Grace. I’m stilling working on growing my faith and working to let Christ into my life every day.”

Daniel’s ministry.