David Anderson


David Anderson is completing his senior year studying computer science at Huntington University. David started looking for ways to connect his Christian walk with his education after a Bible study discussion about using his skills and education to serve God. David will be working in the Engineering and Development Department on a web portal for Radio Lumiere, one of SonSet Solutions’ ministry partners. The web portal is an interface for Radio Lumiere’s radio automation system. This interface will allow the radio broadcaster to find and play songs, edit information about the songs (song title, year released, track number, composer, etc.), and remove information that is not needed.

David shares that his “…eye doctor told my mom that something wasn’t right with my eyes. Lots of pressure was being put on my eyes, so he sent me to another eye doctor, who sent me straight to the ER… They gave me an MRI and they found out that I had a brain tumor. My mom prayed with me, asking for healing and recovery. The hospital performed surgery and removed a tumor that was larger than a golf ball. I was told that if I hadn’t come to the hospital right away, there could have been permanent damage to my eyes… …God has definitely changed my life. A big thing that I struggled with was my terrible anger issues. God has done work on me and helped me turn from an angry and deceitful person to a kind and honest person…”

David’s ministry.