David Palmer

David PalmerDavid Palmer is a mechanical engineer who began serving with the mission in June 2014, after graduating from Virginia Tech. He has been working with the community development team to help create clean water monitoring systems to help meet both the physical and spiritual needs of people all over the world.

David’s testimony: “I was raised in a Christian home, went to church, and did all of the classic youth group things. I could give all the right answers about God, but I didn’t have a true and personal walk with the Lord. I did everything out of obligation because it was what I was expected to do, not out of any desire to honor and serve Christ. When I went to Virginia Tech, I spent the first few months trying to fit in and find satisfaction in the same things as many of the people on my hall. But in God’s sovereignty and grace he brought me to himself at a Cru retreat my freshman year. This is where I truly grasped the message of the Gospel and what it meant for the first time! Since then, God has grown me and challenged me in so many ways and continues to do so daily as he draws me closer to himself!”

David’s ministry.