David Tibbetts

David Tibbetts is completing his junior year studying electrical engineering at Cedarville University where he will also complete minors in mathematics and biblical studies. As a member of the Engineering and Development team, David will be involved in a variety of electronics projects for the HC100 high power shortwave transmitters as well as design of the next generation SonSet Radio and a very-low-power FM repeater. SonSet Solutions continues to support the users of our HC100 high-power shortwave transmitters, originally designed and built in the 1980s and 90s. Several control and metering circuits in the transmitter are now obsolete and need replacement. David will also be engaged in the development of SonSet Solutions’ next generation of fixed-tuned, solar-powered radio receivers.

David attended Spring Break at SonSet Solutions in March and is returning to serve “because of the great joy I witnessed in the missionaries and volunteers working there over spring break, and their willingness to serve so fully.” David also wants “to further the mission of Christ through work in my field, and experience more of this same joy as I serve to share Christ through engineering.”

David’s ministry.