Jim & Shirley Ice

Trading in his suit and tie for more casual attire, financial advisor, Jim Ice retired early and began traveling the country with his wife, Shirley. He loved the freedom retirement offered him, yet in 1997, one year into his retirement, Jim committed himself to volunteering three days a week at the SonSet Solutions (then known as the HCJB World Radio Engineering Center) machine shop. Though he had no formal training in machining, he learned the skills quickly and found great satisfaction in producing radio and community development equipment that would be used in missionary work.

What could have coaxed Jim out of the retirement lifestyle he loved? Jim says it was none other than the voice of God. He had heard about the technology center and had determined to go take a tour of the shop. Life got busy, however, and he delayed in going. Then one morning he was awakened at 3:00 a.m. by a voice that spoke to his spirit. It said, “You promised you would go; why haven’t you?” Soon he was touring the shop and making a commitment to serve here. That was 20 years ago. Jim says he has enjoyed every minute because he knows his efforts help advance the gospel worldwide.

the general operations of SonSet Solutions and help Jim to continue to use his talents for the Lord’s service.