John & Linda Rozema

John and Linda Rozema

John and Linda both grew up in believing families and committed their lives to Jesus Christ as young adults. They have three children and four grandchildren. Linda helps to lead a women’s Bible study, and enjoys knitting, quilting and gardening.

John’s lifetime mission has been creating technologies to improve people’s lives. He started with satellite telemetry design, but ultimately his calling was to the telephone communications industry. John worked on telephone carrier systems, and by grace had opportunities to work on circuit design, acceptance testing, technology management, and system architecture & development. As retirement approached, John sought ways to use his gifts more directly for the Lord’s purposes, and found SonSet Solutions. Since 2010, John has worked as a volunteer approximately one week per month, commuting from home in the Chicago suburbs. At SonSet, John initially reviewed bills of material and built simple circuits for various needs. Subsequently, he designed a controller board for a test fixture which simulates power surges and sags, and currently works with the team developing the electronic power protection system.


the general operations of SonSet Solutions and help John to continue to use his gifts for the Lord’s service.