Josiah Jackson


Josiah Jackson is completing his junior year studying electrical and computer engineering at John Brown University. Josiah learned about SonSet Solutions from a SonSet Solutions representative recruiting at John Brown University: “Ever since I first enrolled as an engineering student three years ago, I have had the desire to use my skills and knowledge in any way possible to further the kingdom of God. I hope to apply myself and use my technical skills in a way that will really make a difference, both physical and spiritual, in the lives of others.” Josiah will be responsible for the testing and integration of the Equipment Power Protection system – a device that protects radio station equipment from dangerous electric power anomalies. Josiah will also help with the design of the fourth generation of the SonSet Radio receiver which will add an audio player from files loaded on an SD card.

Josiah’s shares: “I was saved at the age of 6 after thinking about salvation and what it meant… It was not until my sophomore year in college that I finally and completely submitted myself to Christ and made my faith my own. After that year, I began to rely on Christ for hope and support that only he could give. I felt that I had finally begun my relationship with him in full. I fully believe that I was saved when I was 6, but it was through the process of the Holy Spirit working in me that I was assured of my salvation in college.”

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