Marissa Pruett

Marissa PruettMarissa Pruett graduated in May from Huntington University with a degree in Digital Media Arts with a concentration in Animation. Marissa is excited about her internship at SonSet Solutions because she wants to use her love of stories and talent for drawing both as a living, and also for a useful purpose. While Marissa will assist with many different projects, her primary goal is to produce a three-minute animation that SonSet Solutions can utilize to help develop conversations between believers and nonbelievers about God and the Bible.

“I have seen evidence of the Holy Spirit living in my heart since the time I was eight or so, in my desire to obey God and learn more about him. In my teen years I rededicated my life to Christ, and I know that I am his because of his promise. I love stories; other people’s stories, my stories, made up stories, Jesus’ stories. The goal at this time in my life is to serve God by telling good stories.”

Marissa’s ministry.