Mark & Helen Braun

Mark and Helen Braun

Mark and Helen both served on short-term mission teams domestically and internationally, in inner-city ministries, and in their local church including seven years on a coordinating team that collaborated with multiple churches to bring a missions class to their area.

While Mark and Helen were serving locally, they began to prayerfully wonder how mobile device technology could be or was being used to reach the nations for Christ. They later met a missionary couple from HCJB Global (now Reach Beyond) who talked about a Technology Center (now SonSet Solutions) in Elkhart, Indiana.   They were excited and encouraged that their skills and experiences could be used there. They began to volunteer for one week, then another week, etc. each year traveling from Chicago.  They also served remotely on occasion.

God answered many prayers by providing Mark a new job at a company near SonSet Solutions and they moved to the Elkhart area in 2016. Mark is now volunteering once a week, working on short-range wireless and future SonSet® radios, and Helen enjoys helping whenever possible.

Mark has over 20 years experience as an electrical engineer developing new technologies for mobile devices, and Helen has an architecture degree in addition to a background in hospitality and guest services. They have three beloved children, Nathanael, Joshua, and Anushka Ruth.

the general operations of SonSet Solutions and help Mark and Helen to continue to use their gifts for the Lord’s service.