Matthew Jarvis

Matthew Jarvis is completing his junior year studying computer science at Grove City College. Matthew first learned about SonSet Solutions through the Grove City College Career Fair: “I believe in their mission and want to be a part of it. I recognize that God has allowed me to acquire technical skills and this is a wonderful opportunity to use these skills to serve Him. I am also aware that when serving the Lord, the power of prayer plays a vital role.” Matthew will be working on a notification system to enhance SonSet Solutions’ Waterlink remote monitoring system.

Matthew’s testimony: “Having grown up in the church, I knew quite a few things about Jesus and who He was. I knew about the miracles He had performed and all the parables He told. I sat inside a room inside my church and I prayed that Jesus would save me from my sins. I knew I had done plenty wrong and that Jesus died on the cross to save me… It wasn’t until later that I really understood what was going on. I would like to say it was one flash of enlightenment, but it wasn’t even close. Over the course of my life I learned about creation, original sin, and about following God’s will instead of following my feelings (or my heart), taming my will to be the will of the Father’s. I still struggle and fall, but now I strive for a much greater purpose.”

Matthew’s ministry.