Paul & Erica Simone

After graduating from Elohim Bible Institute, Paul and Erica served as pastor and wife of a small church in Western New York. Paul then transitioned into the role of security officer for Houghton College while attending Alfred State University where he studied electronics. The Simones’ desire to serve the Lord full time prompted them to pursue missionary work with SonSet Solutions. They have been serving with SonSet Solutions since October 2004.

Paul serves part time as Church Liaison where he is taking the lead in making local churches aware of new opportunities for global impact through SonSet Solutions.

Erica is serving full time as Partnership Development Coach, helping new recruits as well as veteran missionaries become more effective in the development and care of their ministry support teams.

The Simones’ desire is that all may hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. SonSet Solutions is working to make that possible.

Paul and Erica’s ministry.

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