Rachel Friesen

Rachel is completing her third year in a 3-2 program. She is completing a dual degree in mathematics and Bible at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul and is transferring to the University of Minnesota in the fall to complete her degree in mechanical engineering. Rachel will refine the mechanical design and produce fabrication and documentation of the case and other mechanical components for SonSet Solutions’ Equipment Power Protection (EPP) device. The EPP is an intelligent device designed to monitor the power quality and protect electronic equipment in radio stations, hospitals and other locations with expensive electronic equipment.

Rachel is a missionary kid from Cameroon where her parents are translating the Bible. She wants to discover what missions could look like for her as an adult. She is confident God wants her in missions. The question is if her ministry will be national or international and engineering or not. Through her internship with SonSet Solutions, Rachel hopes to learn whether her skills and gifting can be used in engineering ministry and if that is where God is calling her.

Rachel’s ministry.