Scott & Ulrike McConnell

Scott and Ulrike McConnellScott McConnell serves as our University Liaison developing relationships with students, professors, and administrators at Christian colleges. The goal is to expose engineering, computer science, information technology, and digital media students to opportunities in ministry, with the hope that some will become missionaries. We do this by hosting spring break teams, internships, and one-year apprenticeships at SonSet Solutions, and by sponsoring senior design projects at the colleges.

After college, Scott gained experience with Lockheed. Ulrike graduated with Biblical studies and nursing degrees and worked for University of California Irvine Medical Center before becoming a full-time missionary with her husband. Ulrike has continued to work part-time as a registered nurse and has found her niche in hospice care. When they relocate to Indiana, Ulrike plans to work at SonSet Solutions two days per week.

The McConnells were Summer Missionaries with World Radio Missionary Fellowship in 1987, and began full-time missionary service in 1994. Scott and Ulrike are excited whenever a college student or graduate sees the opportunity to use their technical skills in ministry. They have three sons and a daughter-in-law, and are delighted whenever they get to see them.

Scott and Ulrike’s ministry.