Vincent Wilson

Vincent Wilson is a software programmer with Differential in Cincinnati, Ohio working to develop a variety of mobile Internet technologies. Vincent has come “to a point in my life where I’ve decided that I either need to live the words of the scripture and spread the gospel or abandon my faith. Christ didn’t call us to be lukewarm Christians who read the word, but don’t act on it.” Vincent will be traveling with a SonSet Solutions’ team to Radio Evangile Développement (RED) in Burkina Faso to study the impact of the Internet and produce a video about the challenges facing RED in reaching an increasingly mobile media savvy generation with the gospel.

Vincent was called to SonSet Solutions “because I have skills and experience in digital technology and communications that I could utilize to expand God’s kingdom.” About a year ago, God placed some people in Vince’s life that really made him question the way he had been living: “The Holy Spirit’s prompting through them encouraged me to re-ignite my relationship with Christ. Since then, I have confessed my sins and worked on rebuilding my relationship with Christ on much firmer ground. It hasn’t been easy, but this time I’ve been led to approach the trials with prayer and scripture and Christ has been teaching me that the only way to live is through total trust and confidence in his plan for my life.”

Vincent’s ministry.