Zeai Vellner

While Zeai Vellner already has quite a bit of experience in event planning, she is just beginning her studies in public relations and marketing at Ashford University. Zeai’s part-time internship at SonSet Solutions will “provide an opportunity to plan events as a team instead of by myself. This is also a wonderful opportunity to use my skill set to further God’s message.” Zeai will be working on a wide variety of projects in Communications and Donor Development. Her primary responsibility will be facilitating the planning and execution of SonSet Solutions’ Global Impact Celebration this summer (Saturday, July 22, 2017).

Zeai is excited about her internship with SonSet Solutions because she wants to help share everything SonSet Solutions does for The Developing World. Zeai “heard the Gospel throughout my whole life. Up until the age of ten, I was never really sure if Christ was the way. Slowly, I began to take God’s messages of love, grace, and forgiveness to heart and started to see everything God has done in my life and others. I asked him into my heart and to this day, I thank Him for impacting the lives of everyone around me and I hope I can only do the same with the gifts and skills The Lord has given me.”

Zeai’s ministry.