Technical Hurdles

“This item is no longer available.” Does this sound familiar?

From vacuum cleaners to console game controllers, the electronics industry is replete with things in the state, process, or condition of being (or becoming) obsolete.

As a consumer, finding a replacement item might be as easy as a quick web search and clicking “Place Order” from an online auction and shopping website. But as a missionary engineer, what do you do when a unique satellite “B” modem you carefully designed a water pump monitoring device around is suddenly replaced with a different “C” design from its manufacturer?

In early 2018, this was the situation in which SonSet Solutions’ engineers Cody Hall and David Palmer found themselves. Though unsurprised that components can be discontinued, the lack of warning regarding this key piece of the monitor spurred them to quickly find and order an extra supply of “B” modems from third-party sources to help bridge the redesign gap.

A new design around the smaller “C” modem is being built and tested. Though it’s different, the goal remains the same: provide water monitoring units as reliably and effectively as possible in communicating the condition of water pumps wherever they’re installed.

Obsolete electronics and redesigns are but hurdles requiring flexibility in the race to help communicate the love of Christ through water monitoring technology.