The Power of the Sun

Solar Trainer

Ministries are using technology to increase their effectiveness all over the world. However, technology needs power and power can be unreliable or non-existent in many developing countries. SonSet Solutions has solved this problem for our solar-powered SonSet® radio receivers, but what if we could also power a remote transmitter site or a mission hospital using energy from the sun?

SonSet Solutions is developing a training unit that will help our engineers learn about these larger-scale solar power systems. This unit will support hands-on experimentation, give practical instruction on the basics of solar energy components, and prepare our staff for making effective decisions in the selection, design and installation of alternative energy sources for our partners. The test station will be about the size of an office desk, and will include not only a solar panel and batteries, but options for testing the power output of the system using devices like a fan or a computer. Coupled with a properly-sized battery bank, a well-designed solar power system provides predictably available, economical, and reliable electrical power, with little variation in voltage, current or frequency. A properly-installed solar power system requires very little maintenance and can last for decades, enabling our partners to focus on other aspects of ministry.