The Shifting Tide in Africa

I can hear the call to prayer in the distance. I wonder how many Muslims will gather for this mandatory time of worship? “God, these people really need to know You, the one and only true God!” It’s hot and dusty outside. Our clothes and hair are wet and stick to us from the high humidity. We have just returned from a long and miserably hot drive from Hounde, one of Radio Évangile Développment’s eight Christian radio stations in the country of Burkina Faso. A cold shower is a welcomed friend today, as I can’t seem to cool down from the long steamy ride.

My mind returns to the radio station we had visited that day. Joseph Kabore, the station manager, had shared that his station is the only one in Hounde. He commented that out of the 100,000 people in that village, 95% were Muslim. He explained that Muslim leaders come to him and ask if they can announce their meeting times on the radio. Joseph always agrees, and as a result, the large Muslim population listens to Christian programing while waiting to hear the announcement of their meeting times. He told us about many who secretly listen to many of their programs because they want to learn more about God. His primary goal is to share the Word of God.

The interns, who joined our team to Burkina Faso, worked hard filming 14 testimonies of people who were impacted with gospel broadcasts from four of these RED stations. They also passed out about 70 surveys to see what kinds of cell phones are used in the country. It seems that everyone has cell phones. After talking to the staff at many of the radio stations, it became apparent that they really wanted to use Facebook as an interactive tool with their broadcasts. Doug Weber, the leader of our team, managed to get a training session done at the RED station in Ouagadougou, the Capital of Burkina Faso, before it was time for our team to leave the country. This is a good starting point. More training will be needed and can possibly be done soon via Skype. With the ever-increasing trend of social media, we want the gospel to be available in as many ways as possible so everyone can have the opportunity to know the one and only true God.

Written by Ruth Weber