God’s Train Gang Preacher – Part 2

(Read part 1) Because he grew up as a homeless boy on the streets, Pascal had a burning desire in his heart to reach other forgotten kids just like him. While in Bible school, he would preach in church and then get up at 2 a.m. and ride the inner city Metro trains of South Africa, and preach to the gangs and homeless kids that hitched rides on the train. Then he would get home by 5 a.m. to get ready for school the next day! Even though these trains were incredibly dangerous at that time of night, Pascal had grown up in that environment so he knew what to watch for and how to stay alive.

After Bible school, in 2010 Pascal and his new family moved back to his home country of Tanzania, and God led him to work with Youth for Christ (YFC). He worked with that mission organization for seven years and became the Tanzania country director for YFC. God did an incredible work through him. But being the country-wide director also meant most of his time was spent in meetings, traveling, and fundraising, and not much one-on-one interaction with young people, which is where Pascal longed to be.

In 2015, Pascal started a new ministry called Milestone. Trusting God, the ministry bought four acres of land in NW Tanzania, and started training Tanzanians how to be missionaries to the lost. In addition to all the Bible classes and leadership training, Pascal and the other staff at Milestone also teach the students trades like welding, sewing or computers, so that they can support themselves and their family when they leave Milestone as missionaries. To date, over 300 graduates have been trained and sent out to the harvest!

This is where SonSet Solutions comes into the picture. Realizing the incredible capability of radio to potentially reach into every home and automobile within the listening distance of the station, Pascal wants to utilize this powerful tool to increase his effectiveness in reaching the lost of his country. It is also another skill that Milestone graduates could use to earn a living while being missionaries, and possibly even send them out to start their own Christian radio stations.

So, not knowing anyone in the radio installation business, but knowing the all-powerful God and Creator of the universe, Pascal started his search.

On a recent trip to Canada from Tanzania, Pascal called a friend who knew someone, who knew someone, who knew someone, who knew someone, who knew David Russell, president and CEO of SonSet Solutions. Through a chain of six friends-of-a-friend, Pascal was finally on the phone with David Russell, who said SonSet Solutions would love to help him build a new Christian radio station!

Please join us in praising God for His boundless love and compassion in rescuing a homeless, hurting and lonely young boy from the streets of Zanzibar, giving him a loving family of his own, and working through him to reach other lost souls that were just like him!

Written by Jeff Benedict
Photo © André Kritzinger