Two Lives Change When Strangers Meet

I was sitting in Starbucks, feeling stressed out. I had just completed a week of mentoring spring break students, and now I was scrambling to prepare a Sunday school lesson for the young adults class at my church. Honestly, my mind was not in a good place, and my sin nature was getting the best of me.

Suddenly a high school guy pulls up a chair at my table and says, “Hey man, you mind if I sit here?” A little stunned I said, “Yeah, no problem.” Before I could register what was happening, I was in a conversation with Randy, a high school freshman with aspirations to be a rapper one day.

The conversation began to take a deeper turn as he opened up about struggles he was going through and the door was wide open for me to share the gospel with him. After scribbling some illustrations on a napkin and going back and forth with questions, Randy began to see that he was a sinner but that Jesus had died for our sins and had risen from the dead in victory. He began to see that he could not earn forgiveness, but he could receive forgiveness and hope by trusting in what Jesus had accomplished. I invited Randy to trust in Jesus as his savior and he chose to take that step.

After we prayed, Randy said, “This is something that has to be told; I want to write a rap about this.” I left that conversation blown away by how the Lord uses us despite ourselves and with a refreshed perspective of what is really important: The good news of Jesus Christ.

[Update: Mike and Randy continue to correspond through Facebook. Pray for opportunities for discipleship.]

Mike Tapia, an electrical engineer at SonSet Solutions, is currently working on the Equipment Power Protection device, which protects partner ministries’ electrical equipment from being damaged by fluctuating power common in the developing world.

Written by Mike Tapia