TWR FM Transmitters

When 10 nearly-new FM transmitters from Norway were offered to our partner TWR, they jumped at the opportunity. However, the transmitters needed to be evaluated, tested and modified before they were ready to ship to their final destinations. That’s when they contacted SonSet Solutions.

Dave Pederson and SonSet Solutions’ Larry McGuire, both TWR engineers, set to work on the project. Together they created a proof-of-performance checklist, re-wired the power supply to accommodate a different voltage, and changed the operating frequency for the first of the transmitters. They also worked together to redesign the ventilation system. The Rohde and Schwarz design received pressurized cooling air from the bottom of the rack, which sat on a raised floor. For their new homes, a ventilation hole was cut in the bottom of the left side-panel and a blower installed to provide a new source for cooling air. Once the first transmitter was completed, Larry modified and tested the remaining nine units. Finally, special heat-treated shipping crates were needed in order to satisfy the importation requirements of their new host countries. Four of the transmitters are now in the hands of TWR’s Peruvian partners and will soon be broadcasting the gospel.