Visitors Surprised by Extent of Ministry

sonset.opening.029“You have been holding out on me! I had no idea what the extent was of your ministry work. I want to get involved by volunteering at SonSet Solutions.” This was one visitor’s response to our Global Impact Celebration held on August 29. Over 500 guests participated in our family-friendly open house.

A dozen interactive stations dotted the property, both indoors and out, where people were able to touch, experience, and learn about the many facets of our technology. Where else could you practice being a broadcaster, or pump water and watch a flow meter track the water flow, or download the Jesus film onto your smart phone from a lamp pole, or put together antenna parts in the machine shop, or listen to indigenous programming from Chazuta, Peru, or turn a dial and see how an equipment power protection unit can protect a device from fluctuating voltage? “I was so impressed by the way all the staff put so much energy into making the presentations in each area a report on what God is doing,” another visitor added.

Truly, that was our goal—to showcase what God is doing through technology to reach people around the globe with the gospel. That vision began with a man named Clarence Moore who was instrumental in our establishment as a technology center in Elkhart. In recognition of Moore, our celebration culminated with a program and ribbon cutting as we named our building in his honor. It was his innovative spirit coupled with a passion for the lost that we carry forward today. As a result, hundreds of Christian radio stations have been established worldwide, and we are finding other technological avenues to reach people with the message of life, right where they are.

Click here for photos of this memorable event.

By Erica Simone