Sonset Solutions worked with over 183 ministry partners in 73 countries in 2017. Volunteers help make it happen! God has given you skills that can be used in a mission setting, and your skills can be used to further God’s work around the world. Our volunteers are individuals, families, church groups, and other groups – students, retirees, or in between. Their serving ranges from occasional to multiple times weekly, regularly or as needed.

Volunteer with oscilliscope Volunteer as an engineer, in our offices, packaging SonSet® radios for distribution globally, teaching others video skills, creating graphics, writing, encouraging others, praying for and with us. Or come serve with your church to pack SonSet radios so that more may hear about Jesus Christ. Work in the machine shop making antennas to broadcast the gospel, or gears for pumps bringing clean water. Whatever your skills or time, join us in explaining and demonstrating Christ to the world! God can use you here in Elkhart or as part of a work team – here, or worldwide.

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Email: volunteer@sonsetsolutions.org Phone: +1 574.970.4252