Walking for Water

Nya, a young girl in Sudan, made the arduous trip every day to a dirty pond that was miles away from her home. The pond was her family’s only source of water until a man named Salva, a Sudanese native, built a well in the center of her village. The book, “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park, tells how one well brought hope to this little girl’s future. Students at Houghton Academy in Houghton, New York, read about Nya’s situation and were greatly impacted by this true story.

“The walk came to mind in my middle school English class during a Human Dignity unit in which the students read fiction and non-fiction works in literature circles,” says Ann McNeil, the students’ English teacher, “‘A Long Walk to Water’ and information put out by World Vision inspired them to look for ways to help children get safe water and a chance at an education.” Each student built a support team of at least five sponsors and decided to “walk in the shoes” of children who live in the developing world. With a water jug in their hands, these seventh and eighth graders walked 3.7 miles. This number represents the average distance children in developing countries walk to retrieve water. “I learned how much children go through for water when we can get it in like 10 steps, while they go miles!” says Caitlin, one of the students who walked in the event.

These 18 ambitious students and their English teacher raised $1,225 for SonSet Solutions’ water ministry! David Russell, SonSet Solutions’ president and CEO, says, “The students’ commitment will help bring clean water to villagers and provide them a better chance for good health. More importantly, this will open doors for building relationships and introducing people to Jesus Christ. For he loves them with an unconditional love and offers them living water that will last for eternity.”

Written by Kyela Seals