We’ve a Story to Tell

Antennas and sunset

What an exciting day in November 1974, when the interval signal for TWR Swaziland first rang out with the last line of “We’ve A Story To Tell To The Nations.” So many miracles — a license to broadcast in Swaziland, land on which to build, land that was perfect for the radio transmissions, workers, and sand delivered by a flood right to the site exactly when it was needed. The list of God’s blessings on TWR Swaziland continues to grow.

Now God has provided a larger, newer, more powerful 100,000-watt medium wave transmitter. Larry McGuire, a TWR missionary who serves at SonSet Solutions, is currently helping with the upgrade of the medium wave (AM) antenna system to handle the full 100,000 watts. This, by God’s grace, will send the gospel to more people hungry for God’s Word.

A radio listener from Botswana wrote:
“There are not many Bible-believing Christians here. There are a few churches, but most, if not all, of these teach little in the way of sound doctrine. Prosperity teaching is very widespread, and I think that many churchgoers here believe that God always wants them healthy, wealthy, and feeling good about themselves. There is no place where people can go to have the truth of God’s word explained and taught to them, whereas false teaching is available everywhere. … It’s great to have [the radio station playing] in our home every day. God bless you all.”

Praise the Lord that he continues to use technology to add and grow believers! We count it a privilege to be a part of that!

By Virginia McGuire