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Imagine for a moment what it must be like for ministry workers who are trying to reach people in particularly isolated areas of the world, such as the Amazon Rainforest. A lack of roads and electricity keeps communities cut off from the outside world. It may take many days on foot or by riverboat to access these remote places where people live, often without access to God’s word.

SonSet Solutions specializes in equipping God’s faithful ambassadors with technology-based tools and services to help them overcome barriers that hinder their reach. In the Amazon region of northern Peru, Radio Logos broadcasts in 12 different indigenous languages every week. The signal goes out from a regional broadcast transmitter that we produced in-house. Native speakers, who are reaching out to their own people, produce the programs. Our solar-powered SonSet® radios provide the means for receiving God’s truth in isolated locations.

Today, our remote monitoring of water wells enables ministry workers to maintain credibility with local community leaders in 25 countries. This helps them achieve their goal of planting churches and raising up fruitful disciples of the Lord Jesus.

God is raising up a team of prayer and financial partners to be part of our mission that provides technology-based solutions to advance the gospel worldwide. We praise the Lord for each member of this team. November 1 marks the start of the year-end funding campaign to complete our 2019 operational goal of $375,000. Each of our board members is part of the SonSet Solutions financial support team. Some of them are encouraging you to give early to this year’s campaign. The $40,000 November matching gift challenge was met, thanks to many of our friends who gave last month. The board is now encouraging others to join in the early giving by offering to match the next $33,500 that arrives before December 21, 2019. We invite you to be a part of this special giving opportunity as well, and look forward to seeing what the Lord will do through His people.

With a grateful heart,
David L Russell, President

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