Clean Water

Every child deserves clean water! Yet, one child dies every 12 seconds from water-related diseases around the world. This number actually represents a decrease compared to five years ago when over 1600 children were dying each day from diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, and dehydration. Access to clean water has dramatically decreased those numbers especially in Africa.

SonSet Solutions was approached by a ministry partner who wanted to address making clean water available and affordable to countries such as Central African Republic, a war-torn country. Our group of engineers and technicians looked for ways to enable quicker detection of maintenance issues in new and old wells. They also wanted to decrease unnecessary travel time in dangerous areas and eliminate the need to check on fully functioning pumps in person.

Design Outreach LifePump in MalawiBy simplifying more complex technologies, well monitoring systems can be developed to help ministries keep water flowing to the villages they are reaching for the Gospel. The well monitoring system developed at SonSet Solutions is installed with the well pump at new and existing sites. The device sends a signal to a satellite each day with key data about the well and the functionality of the pump. This allows ministries with a large number of wells across a vast amount of territory to monitor the village wells from a computer at their home office. With this strategic information, personnel can focus their limited resources on drilling new wells or providing maintenance to those that are showing a problem through the received data. One of these monitoring systems was recently installed to measure the level in a water tank located in the jungle region of Ecuador.

Here are some ways you can help us work with our partner ministries to provide clean water and “living water” for local communities. You can serve with us as a missionary, volunteer, intern or apprentice. You can send a donation to SonSet Solutions which will fund clean water monitoring projects around the world. You can tell a friend about our opportunities and get them involved with SonSet Solutions, too.