Power Solutions

The Problem

Many ministries operate medical clinics, Christian radio stations, and schools which use technology to maximize their ministry effectiveness. Unfortunately, some regions of the world experience unreliable electric power that can damage equipment or lack the ability to provide power at all.

Our Solution

SonSet Solutions has a team of engineers dedicated to solving the electrical power challenges hindering the effectiveness of gospel-centered partner ministries. We are working to provide effective solutions to overcome electrical power-related obstacles for ministries around the world  

Gospel Impact

Reliable electric power facilitates the use of technology that can maximize the ministry effectiveness of  partner ministries. Be inspired by stories of Power Solutions and the gospel impact around the globe. 

See the Impact

Solving Power Problems

Through projects like the Power Protection Unit and the Power Quality Monitor, SonSet Solutions is helping our partners remain on the air, broadcasting the gospel to all who will listen!


A New, Team Approach to Power Solutions

“Like a team of doctors, we can examine the power-quality symptoms, write up a diagnosis, and prescribe a treatment in the form of an affordable power-quality solution tailored to a specific partner’s need.”


Power Quality Monitor

Imagine the frustration experienced by a Christian radio station or a mission hospital when their expensive equipment is destroyed in an instant by something so esoteric as the electricity coming from their outlets.


What's Next?

Make an Impact

By supporting SonSet Solutions, you are helping our partners expand their reach and deepen their impact through stable power solutions.

Explore Further

Why is power protection so important? What kinds of protection devices are we developing? Discover ways this technology can help protect your high-cost equipment.

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