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We are experiencing unprecedented opportunities to equip ministry workers in dozens of countries with technology-based tools and services. Churches are being established. Fruitful disciples are being raised up. Thank you to the many generous financial partners who helped us meet the $50,000 match in November. We now invite you to join us in making the most of an additional matching gift of $42,200 ($37,890 remaining) during December. We praise our God for his abundant provision by way of his people. Click here to learn more.

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My Life Has Changed

“Life was difficult. Sometimes we had to go two days without water. ” Margaret said with emotion as though reliving the pain of the past.


Cell Phones Charged – Lives Regenerated

is a place of hope in rural Kenya. Brian and Heather Dellamater started Kijani in 2016 with a goal to inspire hope and create opportunity for the Maasai people through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


God Answers Prayer

Dr. Dan Kletzing can testify to the power and the faithfulness of our God as he followed a calling to provide the gospel message to lost families in rural Belize.


An Open Door for the Gospel

Paul exhorts the Colossians to pray that God will open a door for the gospel. Providing clean water for a rural community often opens such a door. But how do you keep that door open when over a third of all the hand pumps on the African continent are not functioning and one of the most common pumps tends to fail within 8 months of installation.

SonSet Solutions provides remote monitoring technology for clean water hand pumps in some of the remotest parts of Africa. Join Jonathan on his quest to ensure that SonSet Solutions can keep the clean water flowing.

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