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Investing for Eternity

Our Year in Review has been released. Take a look at what God did in 2022. Together we are investing for eternity.

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See the Impact

An Outcast No More

Can you imagine being rejected by your family and thrown out of your village because of something horrible that happened to you? These young women are labeled and thrown out of their village.


More Than a Voice

Imagine 24 choirs coming together to sing praises to the Lord! Imagine six new churches begun in just six years, all due to the influence of a Christian radio station.


Two Diverse Regions – One Critical Need

What do millions in these countries, located so far from one another and so diverse in culture, have in common? They lack access to the most basic necessity of life – safe drinking water.


What Drives Us

SonSet Solutions provides technology-based solutions to advance the gospel worldwide. But what really drives us? What is our ultimate goal? What is in store for the future? This video will address some of those questions and more.

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