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Thank you for helping us advance the gospel in some of the most challenging places on earth during 2023! To God be the glory! Great things he has done!

Your generosity throughout the year and during our year-end campaign made it possible for SonSet Solutions to equip ministries around the world with technology tools that make them more effective in the work they are already doing.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel. We look forward to the opportunities the Lord will bring our way in this new year.

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Powering a Powerful Ministry

Honduran mountains surrounded him. Poverty bore down on him. Living in an adobe hut with no electricity, no running water, no furniture except for two mattresses, he had the village drunk as his father.


A Light in the Darkness

“Your ground is no good! You will never grow anything there. Go away!” the local people told David, a Tanzanian farmer, now a church planter. Despite their opposition, “he cleared the land, tilled the soil, planted, and his crops grew!”


When the Unexpected Happens

Things don’t always turn out how we plan them. Sometimes the unexpected happens. When this occurs, do we panic, or turn to God and pray for his help in finding the solution?


What Drives Us

SonSet Solutions provides technology-based solutions to advance the gospel worldwide. But what really drives us? What is our ultimate goal? What is in store for the future? This video will address some of those questions and more.

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