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Your gift this year will allow us to explore new ways to serve areas with limited access. Consider a recurring gift — monthly or quarterly — to help us plan for the needs of our partners in the Lord's work throughout the year.

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Reaching the Inaccessible

“How will these refugees be reached with the gospel of peace and hope in Jesus Christ?” This was the question posed to our Broadcast Solutions Team by one of the leaders of ACROSS, a ministry based in South Sudan.


Sometimes We Drink It Straight!

Think of serving mud water to friends who come to your door at 1:30 in the morning to mourn with you the sudden passing of a loved one.


A Decision to Return

“Lord, what am I doing here?” a Navajo woman often ponders. Jenna never planned to move back to the reservation.


What Drives Us

SonSet Solutions provides technology-based solutions to advance the gospel worldwide. But what really drives us? What is our ultimate goal? What is in store for the future? This video will address some of those questions and more.

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