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We recognize the importance of prayer and how vital it is to our ministry. Are you interested in getting three prayer requests each week so you can pray for current needs as they happen?

We have two tools available for you:

Weekly Email -- Prayer requests are sent to your email inbox once a week.
PrayerMate Mobile App -- Use the free App on your smartphone and get one prayer request at a time, scheduled on different days of the week.

Click here for more information about both tools:

See the Impact

Finding New Purpose

When Bowie Grant and his wife, Debby, moved to Indianapolis in the fall of 2019, they had no idea how the world would soon be changing.


Small Package — Big Impact

SonSet® radios are delivering God’s word to some of the most remote places on earth. Mamoud Marah, Director of Radio Shalom in Sierra Leone, reports, “The distribution of the solar radios has created a big impact in the community.”


Casting Our Net

This January, SonSet Solutions participated in two virtual missions conferences by creating a virtual booth where attendees could talk with team members and learn about the ways we provide innovative solutions for ministries around the world.


An Open Door for the Gospel

Paul exhorts the Colossians to pray that God will open a door for the gospel. Providing clean water for a rural community often opens such a door. But how do you keep that door open when over a third of all the hand pumps on the African continent are not functioning and one of the most common pumps tends to fail within 8 months of installation.

SonSet Solutions provides remote monitoring technology for clean water hand pumps in some of the remotest parts of Africa. Join Jonathan on his quest to ensure that SonSet Solutions can keep the clean water flowing.

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