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“…whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst, Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up into eternal life.”  Jesus, John 4:24 NIV

The Problem

Access to clean water is essential for life. So how can water ministries know if the clean water is still flowing when their wells are scattered over vast regions and in remote locations? 

Our Solution

We have created a series of water monitors that fit some of the most popular clean water systems. Real time data regarding the function of these systems can be accessed by water ministries via the internet.

Gospel Impact

The provision of clean water to a community often opens the door to the gospel. Be inspired by stories of the multiplied impact of clean water and the gospel around the globe.   

See the Impact

My Life Has Changed

“Life was difficult. Sometimes we had to go two days without water. ” Margaret said with emotion as though reliving the pain of the past.


Coming Together for a Common Goal

According to the Accord WASH Alliance, nearly a billion people lack access to improved drinking water. SonSet Solutions pioneered a remote monitoring technology for clean water systems.


“Our Lives are Already Changing”

As we rested back in our room that night and recalled what we’d seen that day, Cody and I agreed how incredible it was to witness first-hand the impact that clean water is having in winning souls for Christ’s kingdom!


Changing Lives Together

“There is no single technology or ministry that can meet every water need in Africa. We must work together.”


Losing Life or Limb for Water?

We simply go to our sinks and turn on a faucet to get our daily supply of drinking water. But what if your daily trek to get this vital resource put you at risk of losing life or limb?


What's Next?

Make an Impact

By supporting SonSet Solutions, you are helping our partners expand their reach and deepen their impact through clean-water initiatives.

Explore Further

Why did we design SonSetLink? How does it work? What are its features? Discover ways this technology can be used for your monitoring needs.

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