Solar Ministry Solutions

"From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets the name of the Lord is to be praised." Psalm 113:3 NIV

The Problem

In locations where electricity is spotty and computers aren’t practical, more people are accessing content on their mobile phones. How can Christian content be made available to this rapidly growing population of mobile phone users?

Our Solution

We have created a small, Wi-Fi-based Solar Ministry Toolkit to make Christian programing available for download up to 100 yards from its location. Often equipped with other modules such as a phone charging station, it is powered by the sun via its solar panel.

Gospel Impact

Media is a powerful tool for impacting people with the gospel. SonSet Solutions strives to find creative ways to provide gospel media to least-reached areas. Be inspired by stories of our Solar Ministry Toolkit’s gospel impact around the globe.  

See the Impact

Trimming the Trek

Up before dawn, Zahara (of the nomadic Samburu tribe, recognized by their colorful beaded collars) sets out across the north Kenyan desert – creating an umber cloud of dust in her wake.


A Light in the Darkness

“Your ground is no good! You will never grow anything there. Go away!” the local people told David, a Tanzanian farmer, now a church planter. Despite their opposition, “he cleared the land, tilled the soil, planted, and his crops grew!”


Eager Ears

In rural Papua New Guinea (PNG) people must arduously venture through the expansive and untamed wilderness to find even basic healthcare facilities.


What's Next?

Make an Impact

By supporting SonSet Solutions, you are helping our partners expand their reach and deepen their impact through the availability of gospel media content.

Explore Further

Why did we design the Solar Ministry Toolkit? How does it work? What are its features? Discover ways this technology can be used to enhance your ministry.  

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