Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil….—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.  Ecclessiates 4:9, 12 ESV

One of the best ways to help SonSet Solutions is by hosting a fundraising or awareness event. These events are a great way to introduce SonSet Solutions and share our mission and what we are doing around the world to a new audience. For more information, or to get started, please call 574-970-4252 or fill out the form below.


A SnapShot event allows you to share with your friends the exciting ways in which God is working through SonSet Solutions. We provide the speakers and dessert. You provide the audience!


We are always looking for churches, groups, and even individuals excited about sharing the gospel who would like to come alongside us financially. Consider sharing a collection at VBS, or including us in your Christmas or missions offerings.

Guest Speakers

Would your group or church like to know more about SonSet Solutions? Our speakers are happy to come to your meeting or Sunday service to share how the world is being impacted by the work that is taking place right here in Elkhart County!

Invite a Work Team

We are blessed with groups willing to fill in various needs at our offices, whether in equipment production or raking leaves. Do you know a group with a few hours to spare to be a part of sharing God’s word?

Radio Work Team

We are frequently looking for groups willing to donate a few hours to prepare radios for shipment overseas. There is no technical expertise needed, only a willing heart!

Schedule a Tour

Whether you are interested in the technical aspects of our operation or just the overall mission, please let us know if you, and maybe a few friends, would like to get an in-person tour of our offices in Elkhart, Indiana.

See the Impact

It Begins with a SnapShot

SnapShot is an opportunity for our friends to hear stories of how God is using our technology-based solutions to further the spread of the gospel.


New Friends for Eternity

It is exciting to see God at work, sometimes in unexpected ways! Recently, as SonSet Solutions sought to find an affordable way to ship SonSet® radios to Uganda, God prepared another local mission to answer that need.


Maximizing Our Kingdom Impact

Technology is something that will never go away. It is increasing at a breathtaking rate. As long as we can hold on for the ride, the opportunities to harness technology for Kingdom purposes are simply going to become greater and greater.


Let's get started!

Let us know how you want to be involved with introducing SonSet Solutions to your church and friends.

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