About Us

Hundreds of Christian organizations are reaching out to their neighborhoods, cities and countries with God’s message of hope. Many of them depend on technology to carry out their mission. But, they may not have their own engineer, IT specialist or troubleshooting technician. Every year, SonSet Solutions stands in the gap for more than 100 different ministries spread across the globe in dozens of countries.

Who We Are

We come from varied professional backgrounds, national origins and family dynamics. Many of us are skilled in technology. We believe that God himself has brought us together and has equipped us to work as an effective team.

Our Vision

The vision of SonSet Solutions is that the name of Jesus would be made known among the nations, and people everywhere would become his fruitful disciples.

What We Do

It is our privilege to help put feet to the visions of our ministry partners by way of technical assistance. We are equipping them with tools, information and support services that will help them be effective.

Our History

In 1986, the HCJB World Radio Engineering Center was established in Elkhart, Indiana as HCJB World Radio accepted the World by 2000 challenge — a network of international radio ministries committing themselves to work together to enable every language group of a million or more speakers to hear the gospel in their language.


To be better able to meet the needs of partner ministries, the engineering center became an independent ministry called SonSet Solutions in September 2014. Although our name changed, our mission remained the same—to provide technology-based solutions to advance the gospel worldwide. Today, SonSet Solutions’ staff serves the technical needs of well over 100 different ministry organizations.

HC500 Transmitter Engineering Team

Our Solutions

SonSetLink® Monitors

SonSetLink is a remote monitoring system that transmits crucial water-pump data to the Internet where it can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world.


Radio Stations

SonSet Solutions offers consultation, equipment, installation, training and on-going technical support, individually tailored for our partner’s needs and ministry context.

Radio Receivers

SonSet Solutions provides fixed-tuned, solar-powered radios to dozens of like-minded organizations who are using them in many exciting contexts.

Solar Ministry Toolkit

A simple collection of rugged devices from SonSet Solutions, the Solar Ministry Toolkit (SMT), enables users in remote areas to flip a switch and enjoy instant light, charge a USB device or distribute media to smart phones.

Power Protection

Power fluctuations, common in the developing world, can damage sensitive equipment. A power protection device senses these power surges and can safeguard radio transmitters, computers and the like before damage occurs.

Technical Assistance

When a partner has problem that could be solved with technology, our goal is to quickly and effectively identify a solution so that the ministry may thrive.

Why partner with us?

  • Passion for Ministry

    Our mission is to provide technology-based solutions to advance the Gospel worldwide.

  • Experience

    Our staff has experience working both in industry and with missionary organizations in the developing world. We understand the challenges of working in other cultures and remote locations.

  • Low Cost

    SonSet Solutions is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing partner ministries with effective, low-cost solutions to ministry challenges.

What Others are Saying

 “We believe having a radio station will help us reach these people to know Christ and to know how to manage their own lives every day according to the Word of God.”

Togo, West Africa

FM Radio Station

The LifePump is transforming communities, but Greg Bixler, CEO and co-founder of Design Outreach, reports an unexpected benefit – "people have time to go to church because hours are no longer wasted retrieving water."

Design Outreach

SonSetLink Water Monitor

"Visited our Solar Project with one of the Woman’s Groups. They are currently using solar power to charge cell phones in a very, very remote area. So proud of these ladies. The project is up, running and making a profit in its first month! They have an awesome vision to use the profit to serve the needy in their community."

Missionary in Malawi

Solar Media Center

“What an incredible opportunity to integrate the Great Commission with the technical skills He has given me!”

Noah Peternel

Summer Intern

"My children enjoyed the idea of being part of an assembly line. We had a sense of satisfaction knowing we had helped in a small way with a project that has life-changing and eternal implications."

Working Visitor

SonSet Radios

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