• Prayer and Praise-Oct 23, 2020

    Fiji – Our partner, Radio Light in Fiji, who broadcasts in English, Fijian and in Hindi has a broken transmitter. Please pray for the Broadcast Services team to get the parts and equipment needed for Radio Light to continue these broadcasts. Praise the Lord that Radio Light can provide light and hope to their listeners through their programming.

    Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – Radio Alpha Omega FM, located in Goma, DRC, has had a fault with their FME750 transmitter. Using messaging apps allows us to communicate with our partners to help troubleshoot and send and receive photos, and SonSet Solutions has replacement parts ready to send to them. Praise the Lord for the technology to communicate this way and please pray with us for Radio Alpha Omega FM.

    Year-End Campaign – November 1, 2020 marks the beginning of our 2020 year-end funding campaign. Pray that the Lord will lead many of His people to give generously to the work that He is doing around the world through SonSet Solutions and our ministry partners.

  • Prayer and Praise-Oct 16, 2020

    Virtual Events – We have hosted several kinds of virtual events recently, as well as eight career fairs which have introduced many people to the ministry of SonSet Solutions. Pray that these interactions will be effective and that they will be fruitful.

    SonSet® Radios – 3,600 SonSet radios have arrived in Uganda. Arrangements are being made for the transport to Radio Usalama FM. COVID-19 restrictions on travel between camps have just been lifted, allowing the radios to be distributed. We praise the Lord for the provision of these radios; please pray for the shipment to arrive at Radio Usalama FM soon and for those who will hear the gospel.

    Next Generation SonSet Radio – Pray for the work that still needs to be done in order to get the next generation SonSet radio with audio player into production as soon as possible.

  • Prayer and Praise-Oct 9, 2020

    Community Development Team – Pray for our community development team as they work to send out over 150 SonSetLink water monitors over the next month or so. Please pray as these are completed and shipped to locations to help ensure access to clean water and the gospel, for those who need it most.

    Radio Senda Cristiana – Praise the Lord that though not previously approved, we have heard that Radio Senda Cristiana in Peru has recently received the approval needed for shortwave antenna designed at SonSet Solutions as well as the approval for their application for a shortwave license. These approvals will expand the ministry reach of this ministry.

    SonSet® Radio Preparation – Please pray for the in-house teams being scheduled to process a large number of radios going to several locations. Please continue to pray for those people who will hear the good news through one of these radios.

  • Prayer and Praise-Oct 2, 2020

    One Love Radio – Please pray for One Love Radio in Zambia. The landlord wants to sell the property that the station is using, which means that the station has to relocate unless they purchase the property. Please pray for a solution – that they find another place for their station or find a way to come up with the money to purchase the property that they are leasing.

    Radio Logos
    – The packaging of the pallet going to Peru with the 1,440 SonSet® radios for Radio Logos was completed this week. Please pray for the safe shipment of the radios from Elkhart, Indiana to Chazuta, Peru.

    Virtual Career Fair Update – We praise the Lord that four (out of eight) career fairs are complete. Our staff members have been speaking in group sessions as well as conducting one-on-one sessions. Please pray for the students that we have had interaction with as they seek the Lord’s will regarding their futures. Ask the Lord to send us more workers.

  • Prayer and Praise-Sept 25, 2020

    Board Meeting – We thank the Lord for productive board meetings with a good spirit of collaboration and praise to God for all he is doing through SonSet Solutions.

    Virtual Events Praise – We praise the Lord for the technology that allowed us to host two virtual events this week. Our first SnapShot informational event as well as our first career fair (of eight total) introduced many people and students to SonSet Solutions. Please pray that the Lord will work in the hearts of those who hear about our ministry through these events.

    SonSet® Radio Preparation – We have quite a few orders for our solar-powered radio receivers. Please pray as we prepare many radios for upcoming orders for locations in Cameroon, Guinea-Bissau, Malawi, and Sierra Leone. Please pray for those people who will hear the good news through one of these radios.

  • Prayer and Praise-Sept 18, 2020

    Board Meetings – Please pray for continued wisdom as our SonSet Solutions board of directors meet on September 19. We are grateful for wise and godly members and pray that this will be an encouraging and productive time for them.

    SNAPSHOT – Please pray as we prepare to share during our SNAPSHOT informational event on Tuesday evening, September 22.  We are excited about this opportunity to share with those who will be introduced to SonSet Solutions. Please pray for these new friendships and for future SNAPSHOT events.

    Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference – Please praise the Lord with us for the new friends SonSet Solutions has made through this conference. This was a time of blessing and good interaction, and we are grateful for these eternal friendships. The generous response provided funds for SonSet® radios for both Radio Lilanguka (located in Malawi) and Radio Evangelica (located in Guinea-Bissau). Please pray for the hearts of the people who will receive a radio in these locations.

  • Prayer and Praise-Sept 11, 2020

    Career Fairs – Over the next two months we have the opportunity to interact with students via eight virtual career fairs. Pray for the preparations currently underway for the fairs, and that God will prepare those he wants to meet with us.

    Across Nations Update – Across Nations in Tuba City, Arizona has a permit to build an AM translator. Please pray for the safety of the tower work, for no surprises with travel, shipping, and manufacturing of the antenna as the permit deadline is January 5, 2021.

    Radio Lumiere – Please pray for Radio Lumiere in Haiti. Please pray for their governing committee as they search for a new director to replace the one they recently lost. In addition, Haiti is still recovering from severe flooding from the hurricanes, and many churches are not meeting. Due to loss of donations due to COVID-19, Radio Lumiere has furloughed many staff, but is still on the air from locations where they have electrical power.

  • Prayer and Praise-Sept 4, 2020

    SonSet® Radios for Benin – An in-house work team was able to process 200 SonSet radios for Benin this week. Please pray as we make plans to ship these as well as for the hearts of those who will receive these radios as they hear the good news of salvation.

    Delivering God’s Word – SonSet radios are helping ministries all over the world deepen their impact as they give people access to the gospel through local Christian radio. We praise the Lord for a church in New York that was able to raise funds (much higher than they anticipated) for radios. Praise the Lord with us and for more churches and organizations to join us in the Delivering God’s Word Campaign for 2020.

    Water Monitor Development – Pray for wisdom for our Community Development Team as they continue the development of monitors for Afridev and India Mark II pumps. Development (of both types) is moving ahead quickly, and we are excited to see some these units deployed soon.

  • Prayer and Praise-Aug 28, 2020

    Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference – Praise! The Lord’s hand is very evident in the timing of our opportunity at Maranatha last week. We were very encouraged by the number of people who were interested in learning more about our ministry and the response to fund SonSet radios for two radio stations on opposite sides of Africa. Please continue to pray for the connections made during this week as the Lord continues to stir the hearts of those who were in attendance.

    Haiti – Pray for the people of Haiti recovering from devastating rains from recent storms Laura and Marco. Many roads are washed out, homes swept away, people drowned, and crops destroyed. Please pray for our partner, Radio Lumiere, as their transmitter site in Artibonite is completely flooded and as they access any potential damage.

    Malawi – One of our partners shared that dozens of people in Malawi made professions of faith as the result of the delivery of clean water and the gospel. They stated that our SonSetLink water monitor “gives us real-time data on the operations of our pumps – it is truly a game changer to see how the pumps are used and to be able to anticipate future maintenance needs and to eliminate down time.” We praise the Lord for those who have come to know Him, and for those partners we work alongside.

  • Prayer and Praise-Aug 21, 2020

    Update on Monitors for Malawi – Praise God that the water monitors have been released from customs and are in the office of two of our ministry partners in Malawi. Clean, reliable water is transforming and builds credibility for the gospel to be shared.

    Praise the Lord – Praise that our staff and spouses were able to prepare 240 additional SonSet® radios for shipment to Peru. In addition, we received word that we are now allowed to ship these along with 1,200 other previously prepared radios (for a total of 1,440 SonSet radios) to Peru for Radio Logos. Please pray for the hearts of those who will receive these radios.

    Board Members – Due to term limits, our board of directors will lose two of its members this year and three next year. Please pray and ask God to send us people of his choosing who will have a heart for the ongoing fruitfulness of this ministry.

  • Prayer and Praise-Aug 14, 2020

    Maranatha Conference – SonSet Solutions will be the featured missionary organization at Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference this upcoming week. Please pray for the hearts of those who will hear about the Lord’s work through SonSet Solutions as well as for our staff that will be at the conference from August 16-21.

    Travel by Sea – Please continue to pray for the shipment of 3,600 SonSet® radios traveling by sea to Mombasa, Kenya and then by land to Uganda, for ultimate delivery to northern Uganda. They are estimated to arrive by the end of August. Pray also for the arrangements made to transport the radios to High Adventure in northern Uganda for distribution among the refugee camps there. The radio programs share the gospel and offer hope to so many refugees.

    Burkina Faso Shipment Update – We praise the Lord that we, staff and spouses, have been able to prepare 1,200 SonSet radios in a short time to join a shipment headed to Burkina Faso. These radios will accompany other broadcast equipment (including 2,400 radios previously sent) in a container that is headed to Radio Évangile Développement (R.E.D.). Please pray that this equipment will arrive safely and quickly so that R.E.D. can continue to bring light and hope to Burkina Faso.

  • Prayer and Praise-Aug 7, 2020

    VBS – A church in New York is raising funds for SonSet® radios during their vacation Bible school outreach this week, beginning August 8. Please pray for the children and families that will attend and hear the gospel as well as the hearts that will also hear about SonSet radios.

    Praise the Lord – In spite of the coronavirus shutdowns worldwide, we assisted almost exactly the same number of ministries in the first half of 2020 as we did in the first half of 2019. Join us in praise to the Lord! We are grateful that He is still working mightily through SonSet Solutions.

    Shipment to Burkina Faso – A large shipment of SonSet radios is being sent to Radio Évangile Développement. Pray as we prepare 1,200 more radios to ship in a container headed to Burkina Faso. These radios will accompany other broadcast equipment, including 2,400 radios already sent for shipment in the container.