SonSet ® Radios

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." Mark 16:15 NIV

The Problem

Radio multiplies a single voice and sends the gospel into hard to reach places. But how can the 1.2 billionpeople without electricity hear the gospel by radio? 

Our Solution

SonSet Radios are designed to be inexpensive, yet durable, and equipped with a solar panel that harnesses the sun to recharge the battery without electricity.  

Gospel Impact

 We have assisted 500 partners worldwide with their radio ministries. Be inspired by stories of SonSet Radio’s gospel  impact around the globe.   

See the Impact

An Unreached People Now Being Reached

Radio Lilanguka in Mangochi, Malawi broadcasts to a mainly unreached people group in their native language, who are now being reached with the gospel over the radio waves.


New Friends for Eternity

It is exciting to see God at work, sometimes in unexpected ways! Recently, as SonSet Solutions sought to find an affordable way to ship SonSet® radios to Uganda, God prepared another local mission to answer that need.


Sudden Silence

The people were so happy to receive these radios and hear God’s Word in their own language, but a couple of months after these radios were distributed, there was sudden silence!


What's Next?

Make an Impact

By funding SonSet radios, you are helping our radio partners expand their reach and deepen their impact in the local communities where they serve.

Assemble a Team

Receive the resources you need to start a fundraiser and/or bring a work team to prepare radios for shipment. No technical experience required.

Explore Further

Why did we design SonSet radios? How do they work? What are their features? Discover ways this technology can enhance your local radio ministry.

Would You Like to Partner with Us?

We are here to help you find a solution for your ministry. Contact us.

Let's see how we can work together to advance the gospel.

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