A New, Team Approach to Power Solutions

SonSet Solutions has been doing some organizational restructuring. Transitioning from departmentalization of jobs to a new team-oriented approach, the ministry is hoping to be able to focus more efficiently on the delivery of relevant solutions. President of SonSet Solutions, David Russell, explains. “The intent is to empower small teams of workers to aggressively pursue new ministry opportunities while exercising close collaboration and dynamically sharing human resources across the organization.”

One of the offshoots of this reorganization has been the formation of the new Power Solutions Team. Formerly a facet of the engineering and development department, this effort, led by electrical engineer Mike Tapia, will comprise a team working to address the many veritable power challenges experienced by ministries in developing countries.

For example, ministries located in emerging-world countries have inquired about alternative ways to generate reliable and affordable electrical power. Some of these may be medical facilities where electricity is critical for the operation of specialized equipment and the provision of a water supply. Others are radio broadcasters who serve as important links to the community with health and educational broadcasts in addition to their gospel programming.

Other international ministries experience unreliable or unstable power. High voltage, low voltage or power outages can cause major damage to equipment and bring ministry to a halt.

With reference to unstable power issues, team lead, Mike Tapia, explains it well, “Like a team of doctors, we can examine the power-quality symptoms, write up a diagnosis, and prescribe a treatment in the form of an affordable power-quality solution tailored to a specific partner’s need.”

With various electric-power solutions created and deployed, the Power Solutions Team is pressing on to provide consultation, monitoring to determine the problems, and efficacy for our ministry partners.

Tapia says, “We will now be able to focus on specific power challenges as a team and work more quickly on the solutions our ministry partners so desperately need.”

Written by Erica Simone, January 2021

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