A Strong Tower Once Again

The radio tower, located in Tuba City, Arizona, was in desperate need of repair. Across Nations first went on the air with KTBA in 1980 to reach the Hopi and western Navajo people. But as Tim Zook, from SonSet Solutions, was checking the coverage of the station in 2022, he noticed a problem with the tower. It was discovered that the 200-foot tower needed new guy wires and anchor points. But replacing the supporting cables on a standing structure is tricky business, so Tim began to put together a diverse team from various partner ministries.

Work began in early 2023 when Jerry Miel, a retired missionary, supervised a team of Navajo and other volunteers to install three new tower anchors used to secure the new guy wires to the ground. Many cubic yards of concrete were poured into three 9-foot-long by 4-foot-wide by 6-foot-deep holes dug into the earth to secure the anchors. Once the concrete had fully hardened, work on the supporting cables could begin.

In the fall, Dan Hatfield, with partner ministry Nation One, joined a team from Across Nations and SonSet Solutions to replace the 15 guy wires that hold the tower steady and strong. The team began by assembling the cables on the ground in sets of three, interspersing ceramic insulators at carefully defined distances. Dan is an experienced tower climber, so once the guy wires were complete, the process of replacing the old wires began.

This much-needed maintenance on KTBA’s tower should afford the station many more years of ministry to the Hopi and Navajo people. Collaboration among believers from different ministries made this project possible, and tens of thousands will be impacted. Across Nations’ goal is to equip Native America to exalt Jesus, encounter His goodness and extend His kingdom.  

By Doug Weber, January 2024

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