A Summer to Remember

Ten of us from seven different colleges and diverse fields of study came to SonSet Solutions during the summer of 2018 to participate in their internship program. Whether engaged to be married, out of college looking toward the next steps in life, or finishing a degree, we all found ourselves discovering how our passions and hard-earned skills could be used for kingdom work.

At the beginning of the summer, the air was filled with awkward pauses and uncomfortable laughs. As the weeks progressed, we found ourselves growing closer as friends while simultaneously expanding our skills and maturing in our walk with God.

Comparing his internship with others he’s had, Michael, an electrical engineering student from California Baptist University remarked, “There have been times I’ve been working at other internships and… [what I was working on] was not integral to the product development. But here, they need to have this test setup. It is an important thing, and I’m glad that I can help.”

“The learning curve was pretty steep…, but at the end here, being able to troubleshoot things by myself that I would have had no idea how to do at the beginning of the summer is pretty cool,” added Dane, a mechanical engineering student from Grove City College.

The learning experience wasn’t all academic as shared by Ben, another electrical engineering student from Grove City College. “The faith atmosphere experience is pretty cool. I like that it feels like more of a family than a company. Definitely, I would recommend this.”

Because we all had our own field of expertise, we each made a unique contribution to the ministry and learned a lot along the way. Whether you are an engineer, a communications major, a videographer or a writer, there’s a place for you in the work of the Great Commission.  A summer internship at SonSet Solutions is a great way to discover it! 

Written by Kyela Seals, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­English Major, Grace College

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