Good, Alan and Sarah

Alan has been serving with SonSet Solutions since 2000. Alan and Sarah were married in 2003 and soon after, lived two years overseas in Papua New Guinea to help our partner expand their network.

Alan grew up in rural Kansas and came to know the Lord at age 16. After receiving his electronics degree, Alan moved to Texas and worked for Texas Instruments for 15 years. Wanting to use his technical skills in Christian work, Alan applied for and was accepted by HCJB World Radio. Alan began full time missionary service in 1997 with radio stations on the Texas border.

Sarah grew up in a south Texas Christian home and accepted Jesus as her Savior as a young girl. After graduating from college, Sarah taught grade school in Texas. Sarah often involved herself in missions during her summer breaks and taught one year in the Philippines at a school for missionary children.

Alan works full time as a Broadcast Solutions Consultant at SonSet Solutions where he prepares equipment for our international Christian radio partners and assists these partners with radio station installations. Sarah works part time as a SonSet® Radio Coordinator at SonSet Solutions where she schedules work teams from church groups to process and prepare SonSet radios to be shipped to partners worldwide.

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