An “Incredibly Rewarding Experience”

“What an incredible opportunity to integrate the Great Commission with the technical skills He has given me!”

Noah Peternel, a summer intern from Grove City College, first heard of SonSet Solutions as a freshman engineering student at his college’s annual career fair. Watching a video of the gospel message paired with a clean water system in an African village grabbed his attention. Seeing joy reflected in the eyes of the villagers stirred his heart and filled him with a passion to be part of this endeavor.

The following two years were filled with prayer, phone calls, and emails. At the end of his junior year of college, Noah was selected to become part of the very intern team at SonSet Solutions that he had “prayed oh-so-hard for” since his freshman year of college.

In one of his letters to those who encouraged and prayed for him, Noah wrote,

“The project I will be working on this summer … HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. I will be handed the electrical side of this project. I anticipate this to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done before, and I will be stretched in many ways. But as the Scripture says, “God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” I will have to rely completely on the hand of God. This situation is nerve-racking, but even from day one, I know God wants me here.”

As the summer came to a close, Noah was able to write that although there had been many frustrations and setbacks, we have a functioning system. In his own words, “This has truly been an incredibly rewarding experience! I’m excited to see how this … attracts many to Christ.”

Written by Barb Anderson

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