And the Winner is …

What is the ‘coolest’ thing made in Elkhart County, Indiana? That question motivated a recent contest implemented through a partnership between local government groups in Elkhart County.

Historically, the county has been known for manufacturing Recreational Vehicles (RVs). This contest highlighted some of the other interesting industry present in this area. Over 30 companies were nominated, with entrants ranging from hand-made motorcycles to liquid-nitrogen ice cream.

Our SonSetLink™ remote water monitors also entered the running. Write Connections, a local marketing and consulting firm, organized the contest, visited each contestant, and produced an article and a video describing each entry.

Public voting began on June 1 and continued for two weeks, during which time contestants encouraged their networks to vote! The suspense was palpable because entry rankings were not made public during the voting period.

Finally, on June 24 the winner was announced: our SonSetLink water monitors! We were excited and pleased to learn we had garnered around 25% of the total votes. We were told it was a nail-biting race, especially at the end, as Janus Motorcycles came on strong near the close.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to raise awareness of our SonSetLink technology. This contest represented an exciting way to spread the word in our community about this impactful technology.

Our monitors are now in over 25 countries globally, mounted on many different types of clean water pumps. They report key pump information daily, providing real time performance data to the ministries who install and monitor the wells.

For more information about our SonSetLink water monitors, please visit our website:

Written by Cody Hall

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