Becoming a Fool for Jesus

Joseph was born into a very religious family in the country of Burkina Faso. His parents first belonged to the Muslim faith and later became Catholics. As a result, Joseph remembers practicing many religious rituals. “They gave me bells to wear on my wrists to be strong for the fight. With bells I could beat 50 people around me.”  

Joseph studied his Bible and learned many verses. He often visited an evangelical church and talked to a pastor who would pray for his sick grandmother.

One day, a friend from college invited him to an evangelistic campaign. It was there that he felt the call of God on his life. The pastor proclaimed, “God is calling you!” Joseph said, “I stood up, and the pastor prayed for me.” When he got home, Joseph felt a strong need to burn his idols. He recalled, “I had fear in my heart, but God spoke to me. I took them to the forest, burned them and then prayed to God.” He cried out, “Oh God you have seen this miracle that I have burned the idols.” Joseph continued, “I put them on fire and started singing and then returned to my home safely.”

Joseph’s father was very angry when he found out. He told Joseph that he would die! His father said, “You have gone to town and the whites have turned your head! You will become a fool!” But Joseph answered, “God is very powerful and saved me and will protect me. You wait and see!”

Today Joseph is a pharmacist, a pastor, and an evangelist for Radio Évangile Développement in the capital city of Burkina Faso. God has used him to bring many to a saving faith in Christ. In the world’s eyes however, it may seem that Dr. Joseph has become “a fool for Jesus.”

Written by Ruth Weber

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