Jackson, Bryan

Bryan Jackson graduated in May 2021 from Bethel University in Mishawaka, Indiana with a double major in engineering management and intercultural studies. He hails from Elkhart, Indiana. Bryan wants to serve at SonSet Solutions in a year-long apprenticeship program to engage in ministry work that advances the gospel worldwide. It also gives him a unique opportunity to pursue on-the-job spiritual and professional growth, while working in a missions context. Bryan will assist with managerial projects to facilitate the smooth operation and growth of our work and to meet the real-world needs of our ministry partners.

He shares that, “I went on a field trip to SonSet Solutions during my freshman year of college. I was impressed with the Christian environment and how engineering was being integrated with ministry. My desire is to explore God’s will and learn as much as I can about ways ministry and missions are done in more of a business and engineering setting.”

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